2012-11-04 A Grand day out in Moffat Close

St Ann’s Projects. On Saturday afternoon Carly Williams & friends attended Moffat Close Community Garden for one last time in 2012 to plant new flowers and shrubs.

The site is situated behind the Beacon pub in Blue Bell Hill Road. They began work on the site in March when the land was a tip and used for drugs misuse, and after cleaning up the site, began planting and introducing willow fences.

Carly said today that they all looked forward to seeing the garden in a splash of colour next spring. They have been given a number of old wooden sleepers from a site behind St Ann’s Church on Robin Hood Chase. They will now turn the wood into a number of benches to place around Moffat Close Community Garden early in 2013.

Meanwhile organisers of Nottingham in Bloom have invited Carly Williams & St Ann’s Projects to design a colourful shrub bed for the grounds of Nottingham Castle, which should be ready by next summer.

It has been a great year for Carly Williams & friends who’ve made a real difference improving St Ann’s for local residents.

Written by Richard Pearson

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