Our friends

Thank you to all our friends, neighbours and local people who support us…

The Howie Smith Project
We are working alongside Rob of The Howie Smith Project to bring the old Beacon back to life.

The 4th Nottingham – St Ann’s Outlaws – Scout Group
Thanks to the Scouts who have supported our garden afternoon with fireside cooking, activities and beautiful face painting.

Nottingham School of Samba
An amazing band who brought their brilliant buzz to the Zig Zags

Gro at Bulwell Hall Community Gardens
An inspiring environmental education project, run by Beth and Andrea – who have become friends through kindness and serendipity!

Ashdale Nursery
This is a truly wonderful nursery, full of unusual and beautiful perennial plants

Nottingham in Bloom.   Julie Walker & Caroline Elmhirst

Noel and Dan                                                                                                                                         Mark Sunderland, St Anns Neighbourhood Environmental Manager

Sneinton Market – A great local food and craft market just down the road

The Renewal Trust.  Coleen Francis and Rachel Wicks

The Woodland Trust

The Royal Horticultural Society

Bluebell Hill School

St Edwards School

Rosehill School


Stonebridge City Farm

STAA St Ann’s Allotments

Nottingham Essence  This is an interesting blog – check out the people, the places, the pleasures and the past of our city – Nottingham!

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

2 Responses to Our friends

  1. Joy Killowe says:

    Great! to see all these projects coming together in St Ann’s 🙂

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