2013-03-02 Happy Birthday to St Ann’s Projects!

Community Gardening Group St Ann’s Projects is celebrating its first birthday this weekend with a planting day at the garden in Moffat Close.

The group is led by local artists Carly and Martin alongside neighbours and friends. The pair initially started an ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ hanging basket initiative in their street. Last year the group’s focus turned to creating a community garden on a derelict site, and it was included on Nottingham’s East Midlands in Bloom tour last summer.

Informal gardening sessions are held once a month in all weathers, and many friendships have blossomed over a cup of tea or homemade soup warmed on a camping stove.

About 200 volunteers have been involved in all, with up to 70 helping at any one time, first clearing the site of rubbish and then planting trees and flowers and weaving a willow hedge and border. Plants have been donated by local people, the community farm and a nursery.

Martin says: “I’d not done much gardening before I came here – I can’t stop now, though! The garden will soon be full of plants and you’ll hardly be able to see the soil. Then we’ll carve a path and create mosaic stepping stones so people will be able to find a way through and enjoy it.”

Local resident Margaret says: “It’s improving the area we live in….. we need people to feel proud of St Ann’s and of where they live. It also makes people feel better – nothing heals more than Mother Nature.”

On Nottingham in Bloom’s News Page

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