2012-04-28 Residents create community garden

St Ann’s Residents Create Community Garden

As part of The St Ann’s Week of Action a gathering of local residents have helped reclaim a piece of land in Moffat Close at the rear of the Beacon Pub for the community.

Supported by Nottingham City Council & the Renewal Trust, a local group called ‘St Ann’s Projects’ have come together to transform the piece of land where the area has been untended for some time, and the land had suffered from antisocial behaviour and fly tipping.

  1. Left to right, Carly Williams, Noel Martin, Martin Sumerville, Marie Grey & Kein Grey

    Left to right, Carly Williams, Noel Martin, Martin Sommerville, Marie Grey & Kein Grey

Event Organiser Carly Williams said today: “It’s been really good, local residents started working together in March this year to clean up the site, and have worked hard to turn the area into a community garden. There have been two sessions so far; around 70 people tuned up for the first event, and 40 for the second.

“When we first arrived there was a big pile of fly tipped rubbish including old TV’s, and we cleared all of that. Then we put in a willow wall, some cherry & apple trees, and a new litterbin.

“Lots of local children have been involved too; they have enjoyed doing chalk drawings on the paved area, and some gardening, so it has brought together the whole community.

“The City Council has donated most of the plants, and we have had a lot of support from the Renewal Trust. We would like to thank everyone for their time and effort, it’s been amazing.”

Also this week local residents had the chance to meet service providers, and make their pledge for the Decade of Better Health at an event at the Chase Neighbourhood Centre. The event gave locals a chance to pledge their support to ‘Man enough,’ the Nottingham branch of the White Ribbon campaign to end violence against women.

Written by Richard Pearson richard.pearson94@gmail.com


3 Responses to 2012-04-28 Residents create community garden

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  2. Karen Cornejo says:

    Great to know that there are caring people everywhere !

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