2012-07-03 Bloom judges on the way

St Ann’s and Sneinton will be in the spotlight on Friday (July 6) when Nottingham welcomes the judges of the East Midlands in Bloom competition.

Stonebridge Bloom

The four-hour tour will take them to this part of the city for the first time, in recognition of growing community involvement and a host of environmental improvements.

The two judges, Jeff Bates and Peter Benham, will visit the Community Orchard at St Ann’s Allotments; Stonebridge City Farm; Blue Bell Hill Primary School; St Ann’s Valley Centre, and Sneinton Square. They will also meet local people from St Ann’s Projects who are creating a community garden on a piece of land in Moffat Close that was formerly used as a dumping ground. The community have woven willow hedges, planted trees, shrubs, bulbs and wildflowers, and now meet there regularly for games, food and a chat. Their blog https://stannsprojects.wordpress.com includes poems, recipes and photos.

Carly Williams, who leads the group with her partner Martin Sommerville, says: “The garden is about so much more than the way it looks. Last month we had 40 people come along again – almost half of them had never been before which is really wonderful. It was so hot, not much gardening got done, but we had some really inspiring and heart-warming conversations with people – chats about the land, their excitement about neighbours coming together, and the fact that some families now use the land and let their children play there where as before they wouldn’t have done. It’s becoming a safe and beautiful place to be. It’s so great to see children rushing around with colourful watering cans, interested in the plants and taking care.”

The East Midlands in Bloom tour will also take the judges to Woodthorpe Grange Park; to the city centre to see the wicker sculptures funded by the Retail BID; the Castle; the reed beds at Nottingham Science Park, and both the Jubilee Campus and the main campus of the University of Nottingham.

Councillor Malcolm Wood, Chair of the Nottingham in Bloom Working Group, says: “The Bloom awards acknowledge not only horticultural achievement but also environmental responsibility and community participation, and we’re confident that this year’s tour will demonstrate these in abundance. People across the city are discovering the benefits of being involved in Bloom initiatives and we are sure the judges will find these projects inspiring and impressive.”

Nottingham in Bloom press release

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