2012-04-23 Week of Action

Respect for St Ann’s 2012 – ‘Making St Ann’s a happy place’

The Weeks of Action programme returns to St Ann’s this spring and once again demonstrates that community spirit there is alive and well.

Local residents are taking the lead next week, with an event on Saturday 28th April to reclaim a piece of land for use by the community. A local group called ‘St Ann’s Projects’ is a collective of residents who have come together to transform a piece of land next to Moffat Close flats. The land had been untended for some time and had suffered from anti social behaviour and fly tipping. The residents started working together in March this year to share their aspirations for the space and to work together to turn it into a community garden. There have been two sessions so far on the land, and improvements are already noticeable – and new friendships have been formed between neighbours who have lived in the same street for years but never got to know one another.

Carly Williams and Martin Sommerville have been instrumental in setting up the gardening project as part of ‘St Ann’s Projects.’ They said: “Gardening on the land near Moffat Close gives us an opportunity to spend time with those around us, to know and feel a part of the place we live in. There is a building sense of pride and shared happiness growing!

“Slowly, with the involvement, ideas and hard work of many local people, it is becoming a shared community garden – a place to enjoy, grow, play and relax. Whilst there recently, a passer by commented that what’s happening is ‘making St Ann’s a happy place’ – we agree!”

During the Week of Action next week, the residents will be supported by City Services who will be helping to clear parts of the land which would be hard for the residents to do themselves. This will lead up to a session on the land on Saturday 28th April from 2pm – 5pm. As well as gardening and a chance to help shape the development of the land, there will be activities for young people plus free drinks and cakes. You can find out more about what has been happening on the land and other gardening projects by visiting the St Ann’s Projects blog: http://www.stannsprojects.wordpress.com.

Citizens will also have the chance to meet service providers and make their pledge for the Decade of Better Health at an event on Wednesday 25th April, 2.30pm at the Chase Neighbourhood Centre. There will be free activities, interactive games for children, plus a chance to try out different healthy activities.

The event will also give citizens a chance to pledge their support to ‘Man Enough’ the Nottingham branch of the White Ribbon campaign to end violence against women. Male staff from the different agencies who work in the area will be coming together on Wednesday 25th April, 3.30pm, Chase Neighbourhood Centre to pledge their support to the campaign during this event and encourage others to do the same.


The Week of Action will also see a wealth of additional resources going into the area, which will help to continue the impressive reductions in crime and anti-social behaviour in the St Ann’s ward, which has seen a 23% reduction in all crime between February 2011 and February 2012.

There will also be additional work to remove litter and rubbish from the area and the chance for citizens to sign up for free Neighbourhood Alerts so they can stay informed about what is happening in their area

St Ann’s younger citizens will also be getting in on the act. Bluebell Hill primary school will be using this Week of Action to train a new cohort of ‘Community Rangers’ who will be completing environmental audits, taking part in some planting and finding out from agencies such as the Police and Nottingham City Homes how they can help them to take care of their neighbourhood.

As seen on Nottingham’s Crime and Drugs Partnership website:


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