2012-08-05 Moffat Close

Volunteers Spruce up Moffat Close gardens

In St Ann’s on Saturday 4th August a team of local volunteers lead by organisers Carly Williams & Martin Summerville helped tidy up and plant new shrubs and herbs in the Moffat Close community garden. Local children joined in the activities as well as chalk drawing, while a student from Barcelona (Spain) helped out, she was Pilar Campuzano.

Work began on the garden in March and so far there have been six community events to help with planting and maintaining the land. Many of the plants & shrubs were donated by the Parks Department of Nottingham city Council, with additional assistance from The Renewal trust.

Shown here are: Pilar Campuzano, Cameron Cumberpatch, Sade Moore, Logan Maguire, Shiannon Kershaw, Alex Kemp, Evonne Cornejo, Dee Kershaw, Ashleigh. Neethan Kershaw, Iona Kelly, Dominic Thompson, Eileen Thompson, Carly Williams and Martin Summerville.

Written by Richard for Nottingham Evening Posts’ website.
Thanks for coming along Richard!



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