ZigZag Zing II

It was great to see so many folks at the second annual festival on the ZigZags, despite the cloudy start, even the sun came along!

With thanks to Gemma and Michael of Sabar Soundsystem, Kevin and Rachael from the Scouts, the Area Inbetween gang, all who brought delicious food & everyone that joined in.

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6th September Zig Zag Zing!


Check out these folks who will be joining us on the garden the 6th, they’ve got some fun in store for you all! Area inBetween

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Saturday 2nd August

There”ll be lots going on in St Ann’s soon, with the Zigzags and Holding Hands.
All that stands between you going to both these things is the infamous Donkey Hill! ZigZag August

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The Vapourer!

It felt like a quiet, gentle meet-up this month – time to look after the trees, set the poor things free from their shakles – more weeding as ever – Margaret brought a few beauties from her garden too.

ZigZagPanoramaJuly2014The day wasn’t without it’s moment of excitement though. While cutting back the ivy and elder, a fantastic marvel was spotted creeping across Martin’s shoulder: A spectacular caterpillar, larva of the Vapourer Moth or Rusty Tussock. Apparently it’s quite common, but none of us had ever seen anything so strange and wonderful before.

800px-Vapourer.moth.larvaSade was brave enough to let it crawl up and tickle her arm!

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Saturday 5th July

Zigzag July

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What the Beacon did

BeaconLightFor personal reasons, it’s been a while since we’ve been out and about, both in public or here online. Most of you will know that the old Beacon pub’s owner has now got planning permission, so whilst it won’t become the community space that we’d hoped, we wanted to reflect on what the Beacon did do…

Brightening up the Beacon did:
Stop the fly tipping
Stop the drug dealing
Show that lots of people care about where they live
Bring back happy memories
Bring people together

We have learned, through bitter experience, that sometimes things burn out before they they florish, sometimes expectations shatter. But if we were to dwell only on the negative side of things, or the ‘what ifs’ then we’d get nowhere. This is why we look at the positive stuff that’s come from the Beacon. Not what it could have been but what it was.

However briefly, everyone involved did their bit to make the place shine brightly!x

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Good company

flowerA wonderful afternoon was had, spent in good company with a great turnout of adults and kids. Some fantastic baking which went down a treat with young and old. A lot of weeding and the place is looking great… I think everyone enjoyed catching up with friends and telling each other stories.

I had a chat with one eight year old… At school, a girl keeps asking him to open her jam jar for her – this is apparently a weekly event. He just taps the jar on a desk and opens it for her…
‘So does she like you?’ I enquire.
‘I think so’ comes a very grownup up response.
‘And do you like her?’

Hum… It’s gems like this that – this is why I enjoy meeting up with everyone… A few people discussed the next meet and a return to the first Saturday of the month seemed to take pole position so I think we should go for the next meet on Saturday the 5th of July.
I had a great day and hope to see you all on the 5th
Take care, Al

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