Zig-Zag Garden Gathering 5th April

On the 5th April a few of the usual faces and local residents got together at the Zig-Zag Garden for a Spring tidy up and to plant some Dahlia bulbs that had kindly been donated. Kevin and the Scouts where there – roasting yummy bananas, providing craft activities and great face painting. Julie brought along her delicious scones and Elaine tried out her new sugar-free Granola bar recipe. As usual dogs Noah and Inga enjoyed the attention from the youngsters. Everyone enjoyed admiring the ‘Tenants and Leaseholder Award’  - for Best Green Initiative, that was kindly collected by Yvonne, Rachael and Kevin earlier in the week. We opened the ‘Mysterious’ letter to discover that we had also been given a £50 voucher for The Victoria Centre. It was great to catch up with people that we hadn’t seen over the winter months and send our thoughts and love to absent friends who were very much in our thoughts.


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Zigzag film

Here’s the film made by Nottingham City Homes. The Zigzags won Best Green Iniative at their awards event (see below!)

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Best Green Initiative Award

(Posted by Yvonne)

Well, the Zig Zags were nominated for this as part of the Tenants and Leaseholder Awards 2014 (see here: http://www.nottinghamcityhomes.org.uk/get_involved/awards.aspx) – and won! Kevin, Rachael and me all found our way to the somewhat grand Nottingham Conference Centre tonight, and heard about all the other good projects going on around Nottingham, and got flashed in the spotlights with a big bunch of flowers. Then we sat down again and watched a giant video of us all pottering and working in the garden, and the kids chalking and playing, put together by the guys from Nottingham City Homes with Martin and Carly’s help (and Martin bravely on camera!). It made us feel very proud, and reminded us why we were doing it  (which I guess is the whole point of awards).

It felt a little like cheating, just the three of us holding the award, the flowers, the plaque, the mysterious ‘winner’ envelope… so: we’ve turned the flowers into e-flowers (photos by Aidan), and the rest will all be taken along on the 5th to share. We haven’t opened the mysterious envelope… Suspense…

Presented by fake Noah (the real Noah was busy)

Presented by fake Noah (the real Noah was busy)

Bouquet closeup

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Saturday 5th April

On Saturday the 5th of April there will be a gathering of the community at the Zig-Zag Garden, Moffat Close, just off Blue Bell Hill Road near the old Beacon public house.

There will be people, cake and laughter – a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones. If you get the opportunity to pop along, even if it’s just for ten minutes, please do… Everyone is most welcome.

We’ll be looking back through the garden’s past and discussing its future. There’ll also be a bit of a tidy-up after the winter so the garden can bloom through spring.

Hoping to see you there on the day between 2pm and 5pm.

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Step forward

IMG_9460In March 2012, the Zig Zag community garden began. It has grown to become a place of amazing beauty, where flowers have blossomed alongside friendships, pride and care, along with fruit, herbs and trees. Without the Zig Zags, the dream to take on the Beacon wouldn’t have seemed possible…

We (Martin and Carly) are dealing with harrowing personal circumstances right now. Our lives have totally changed. We are re-evaluating, looking inward for a while, who knows for how long. So to all those who have seen and helped the garden grow, all those who have shared dreams for the Beacon, and for our community, it’s time for this beautiful neighbourhood to come closer together. If you want things to continue to happen – the garden, the Beacon, then now is the time to stand up, step forward and get your hands dirty.

IMG_2353Right now, Rob is looking for volunteers to help decorate the space, and then propose how the Beacon could be used. It’s starting to shine. Anything is possible. If you have ideas and dreams, then go along to the Beacon this Saturday 25th, 11.30am-1pm, or get in touch via facebook and make them happen.

In the longer term, to keep the garden growing, and to continue the monthly afternoon gatherings, others need to help to take this forward, whilst we figure out how to heal ourselves.

This is a wonderfully supportive, creative community, at this time more than any, we are so grateful from for your warmth and support, for standing by us, being here for us, for lending us your love.

Thank you, C and M x

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Let the Beacon shine

We’ve launched our Kickstarter campaign to raise £6,300.

Beacon With your help, the Beacon will shine again, and open it’s doors as a creative community space next Spring! Please pledge, and show your support if you can.

Find the Beacon on Facebook and Twitter

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Fire and lights

A warm glowing afternoon, our last gathering for 2013. We pushed away the dark rain clouds with the warmth of our fire, friendship, and the beautiful colourful lanterns that were made.

Later with chestnuts and marshmallows cooked and gobbled we explored the Beacon by candlelight. 60 local people breathed life and excitement into the old place – a glimpse of what we hope is to come…

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